Parco Nord Milano



Team Leader: Tomaso Colombo

Team: Riccardo Gini, Marta Clerici, Alessandra Meazza, Paola Fiano, Simona Manzo

The Parco Nord Milano is an urban park managed by the Province of Milan and six municipal authorities. Since its creation, the park has contributed to sustainable urban planning in a metropolitan area that is highly industrialized and densely populated. In 1983, the Parco Nord initiated the conversion to parklands of former industrial areas that had come under its ownership, by first clearing the land  and closing down any illegal or unauthorized activities, and later implementing an urban reforestation process.  Currently, 450 of the park’s 600 hectares have been successfully converted to large wooded areas, interspersed with grasslands, rows of trees and ornamental shrubberies.

The Parco is an unenclosed space with multiple access points. Entrance is free of charge. Since 2006, Parco Nord has been home to the annual Festival della Biodiversità, a large-scale public event aimed at promoting sustainable behaviours.