Istituto CopernicoIstituto Comprensivo Statale Copernico, Corsico (MI)



Head teacher: Claudia Pisati

Teachers: Stefano Merlo, Carla Ferraioli, Maria La Vela, Mariella Zito, Imma Viganò, Carlamaria Angelina, Guido Aliprandi, Daniela Borgese, Serena Taormina

Copernico Primary School is partner in a series of international and national projects, including:

BEI: Bilingual Education Italy – designed to promote the acquisition of a second European language and cultural competence for inclusion. A programme undertaken in collaboration with the British Council and USR Lombardia.

INNOVASCUOLA PRIMARIA – ICS Copernico was awarded funding to take part in this project and appointed coordinating school among 16 participating institutions. The key focus of the project was collaborative writing.

CLASSE 2.0 – The fifth class 5 C at the school was awarded an Italian Ministry of Education grant for the purchase of ICT hardware in the school year 2010-2011.

BAMBINO AUTORE – ICS Copernico is coordinating school for the project Il Bambino Autore, comunicare e cooperare in Internet. Over the past thirteen years, the pupils of the participating schools have taken part in collaborative learning activities via Internet.