Boreal forest of Canada


Civic Museum of Natural History, Milano



A weak light covers the landscape and many microscopic drops of water, suspended in the air, create a soft mist coat around the lake. Yellow leaves of poplar and the frenetic activity of beavers, building a dyke, are introducing cold season. Animals build nests for winter and this gives a sense of hard and intense working.

This Diorama reproduces a piece of wood near the lake in the National Park “La Mauricie”, in South – East Canada. This protect territory is placed in the mountain complex of Laurentide (a mountain chain not higher than 1000 meters); this place is full of lakes and overawed by borealis forest. Ancient called “Boreas” the God of Northern Wind. Today the word “Borealis” is referred to lands on the North of the Equator, and it is commonly used for names of plants, animals and to indicate the typology of vegetation that characterize northern territories. Alps conifer woods are called Borealis Forest because are similar to Forests growing near high latitudes (near North Pole), like Canadian and European ones.